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We care about your privacy. The website of the Harbour City Bears operates in accordance with the organisation’s constitution:

1) The association will collect and retain only that personal information that is needed for the conduct of the association.

2) The association will take all reasonable steps to protect private information and keep it confidential.

3) The association will not share, divulge, release or monetise private information, other than provided below for the register of members or otherwise required by law.

3.1) The public officer of the association must establish and maintain a register of members of the association specifying the name and postal or email address of each person who is a member of the association together with the date on which the person became a member.

3.2) The register of members must be kept in New South Wales:

a) at the main premises of the association; or

b) if the association has no premises, at the association’s official address.

3.3) The register of members must be open for inspection, free of charge, by any member of the association at any reasonable hour.

3.4) A member of the association may obtain a copy of any part of the register on payment of a fee of not more than $1 for each page copied.

3.5) Any information contained on the register about the member, other than the member’s name and email address, must not be made available for inspection unless the member gives permission.

3.6) A member must not use information about a person obtained from the register to contact or send material to the person, other than for:

a) the purposes of sending the person a newsletter, or a notice in respect of a meeting or other event relating to the association, or other material relating to the association; or

b) any other purpose necessary to comply with a requirement of the Act or the Regulation.

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