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  • 1 May 2020 16:09 | Anonymous

    All good things must come to an end.

    As much as I’d love Josh to stay, 5 years on the Harbour City Bears committee is a massive effort and a change is well earned. Unanimously voted the hardest worker on the committee, he has been there constantly to bring forward and develop ideas, work on designs, run coat checks at events, adjust policy and documentation, prod me sharply whenever I am doing the wrong thing… the list goes on and needless to say, Josh has evolved the club which will leave a long lasting legacy.

    Josh, thank you so much for all your help and inspiration since I joined the committee! I will take the lessons learned from you and the style of thinking you brought to the committee, to keep things on track and running smoothly. Obviously this is definitely not the last we will see of you, and I bet you are looking forward to just enjoying the events we will be putting on without the stress of running things.

    On behalf of myself, the committee, and the club as a whole, I wish you all the best with finishing your degree and say a massive THANK YOU!


    President, Harbour City Bears

    G’day members,

    I’m Josh, and have been the secretary of the organisation for the last 5 years. This is my notice of resignation from the committee to the membership. Thank you all for trusting me to help shape the club into what it is now even though I joined the committee only after about 3 months of joining up. What the club has become has changed so much - we have even broken our membership record set in 2011.

    If I were to mention every committee member I had worked with, the list would be about 20 people long. So, here’s a blanket “thank you” to the committee members of the last 5 years. For the learnings from the bad ones, the ease of working with the good ones, and to the ones that I will forever rely upon, thank you.

    Five years is a long time - it’s a fifth of HCB’s lifetime. I’m running on empty: the energy that was required to stay as neutral to members’ concerns and comments wore me down mentally (over the last five years, they all stack up). This is further impacted by being in my last year of my Masters, filling up the spare processing power in my head.

    HCB has given me direction in life, and I will be forever thankful. But my time is up and the flame of passion is burning out. I need time for the battle wounds to heal. You’ll still see me around once physical distancing measures are pulled back. If you see me doing my usual lap: stop me, sit me down and give me a drink if so inclined.

    And to finish...

    Wash your hands.

    Yours in Fur,

    Josh Borja

    (Now Potential Winner of the Badge Draw)

    We'll all miss you on the committee Josh!  Thank You.

    • Sam Bo - VP
    • David Lambert - Treasurer
    • David Langdale
    • Zoo Davies
    • Rich Summerhayes
    • Steven White
    • Stephan Langella

    The vacated role of Secretary will be filled by Stephan Langella until the committee election takes place at the next AGM.


    Harbour City Bears Committee

  • 22 Apr 2020 15:37 | Anonymous

    Trans and gender diverse people comprise an estimated 2% of the population. This means that, as cis people. you are in a great position to be strong allies for the trans people in your lives.

    The difference between being someone who knows a trans person, and being our ally is the work put into affirming, supporting, and standing up for us.

    TransHub shares how you can be an ally to your trans people. At home, in school, at work, in the loo and in life. If you want to learn more about the language that trans people use, go to our Language page.

  • 14 Apr 2020 16:29 | Anonymous

    COVID-19 is not a sexually transmitted infection but physical contact during sex carries a high risk of transmission and at this time, casual sex is strongly discouraged. Crystal is a drug that lowers our inhibitions and increases our sex drive. ACON has some tips around crystal, casual sex and COVID-19.

    No photo description available.

  • 27 Mar 2020 17:40 | Anonymous

  • 23 Mar 2020 22:57 | Anonymous

    Image may contain: possible text that says 'NSW Government COVID-19 Response The following facilities are restricted from opening from midday today: Pubs, registered and licenced clubs (excluding bottle shops attached to these venues) and hotels (excluding accommodation) Gyms and indoor sporting venues Cinemas, entertainment venues, casinos, and night clubs Restaurants and and cafes restricted to takeaway and home delivery only Religious gatherings, places of worship and funerals (in enclosed spaces and other than very small groups and where the person per square metre rule applies) NSW GOVERNMENT'

  • 21 Mar 2020 02:29 | Anonymous

    If you're looking for something to watch during the downtime search for or click on #whatsabeartowatch in Facebook.  Any related posts will list altogether.


    Share your viewing experience with others on Facebook and use the following tag in your post #whatsabeartowatch

  • 20 Mar 2020 23:56 | Anonymous

    So we can't congregate at Kinselas tonight...

    But we can enjoy it's soundtrack!

    Tonight's DJ RAY ISAAC has posted his mixtapes for streaming below.


  • 20 Mar 2020 23:53 | Anonymous

    As many of you are already experiencing in your work & social lives, the current COVID-19 pandemic is changing a lot...

    Out of responsibility to our members and venues, we have postponed holding any events until advice from health officials say otherwise. We’ve a great program of events to bring you when we can but for now stay safe and stay in touch here on Facebook.

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